Monday, January 16, 2017

Little Reads: Good Morning, Good Night Yoga

Yoga for kids is all the rage these days. These books especially. We checked Good Night Yoga out from the library a couple of times, and Isla loved it. So for Christmas this year, Santa brought her a yoga mat and these two awesome books.

Good Morning Yoga is a newer release that came out last March as a companion to Good Night Yoga. The book is filled with a very simple, text light story, that follows a simple yoga sequence. 

The illustrations are adorable. 

Quintessential downward dog pose. I love the addition of an actual dog.

With each pose, there is a short mantra about breathing and the pose you're doing.

Good Night Yoga was the original that came out in 2015. (I was surprised to see it's been out that long.)

Darling front end papers.

This is Isla's favorite pose. She can hit a tree pose like no one's business.

These books make cute, short, stories to read alone if you need a quick bedtime story, and of course, they're great for their primary inended purpose - getting kids doing yoga. Focusing on their breathing, practicing mindfulness. Every home and classroom would benefit from the use of these books. We have so much fun doing yoga together and these books are a wonderful, kid-friendly introduction.

Have you and your kids read these? What did you think?

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Edit no. 2

This week completely got away from me. Work was C-R-A-Z-Y. So I was entirely too exhausted to anything else this week - like blog. But I did read a couple of books. One of them being All the Ugly and Wonderful Things and it just made me uncomfortable. I have more thoughts, but right now, that's at the forefront.

The other big reason this week went so quickly is - tomorrow is Isla's birthday party! She's a Christmas baby (literally) so we have her birthday party a couple of weeks later. She's very excited. So am I. Bet you can't guess what those presents are in the pic. (Psst - they're books. :-))

Well. back to party prep. Here are my favorite links this week:

  • I love Kate and her Eyeshadow School. Definitely tuning in to this.
  • I'm forwarding this over to my husband ASAP so he knows what his summer project it. PIPE SHELVING FOR EVERYONE!!
  • Favorite books of the year posts are so fun, and I loved this one from Born and Read in Chicago. I read only two of her favorites, but those two were wonderful. (Dark Matter and Salt to the Sea, in case you were wondering.)
  • These enchiladas look amazing. I'll be adding them to my meal plan one week very soon.
  • I literally cannot stop listening to Bruno Mars's new album, 24k Magic. Have you heard it? Give it a listen and it'll be on repeat for at least a month. I guarantee it.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posting next week with some great little reads that encourage movement and focus. And a special birthday recap. ;-)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Edit no. 1

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's the end of the week and the last day...

My Atlanta peeps know what I'm talking about. :-)

It's the end of the first week of the year so I thought I would share with you guys some of my intentions for the year (reading and/or otherwise.)

Reading Goals/Intentions:

  • I want to read MORE. I set my Goodreads goal at 50, which is super low... I'm thinking I should change it; I read 62 books last year. But basically, I want to watch less and read more.
  • I want to read 10 classic novels this year. They don't necessarily have to be new to me; one that I'm strongly considering is To Kill A Mockingbird, which I read it high school.
  • I want to read 10 non fiction books. I don't read a ton of nonfiction. Hardly any, in fact. I'm starting off well with Deep Work, which I've heard so many good things about. And I have Hillbilly Elegy queued up on my shelf. I'm lumping all nonfiction in together - memoirs, biographies, self-help/business/productivity, etc.
  • I want to read more of my owned, unread books before buying new books. I have so many unread books in my home and it's giving me anxiety. Especially all those Book of the Month Club books I never got around to reading. 
  • Shakespeare! I'm finally going to read Shakespeare this year. I found an excellent read along challenge on Instagram and I'm so excited about it. I've only ever read Romeo and Juliet in high school, so I'm really looking forward to reading more. We're reading Twelfth Night in January. Search #shakeit2017 or @booksthatconnectus on Instagram for more info.
  • I want to read the books I want to read and not get caught up in the hype surrounding certain books. Sometimes it pays off (The Raven Cycle - all those boys are bae), sometimes it's just not for me (The Mothers - too sad.)
  • I want to tackle some Russian Literature this year. Starting with Anna Karenina. I've wanted to read Anna Karenina for years, but it's always seemed so intimidating. Tell me it's not that intimidating!!

Regular old life intentions:

  • Guys. I need to go to bed earlier. Seriously. I'm late to work almost every day because I can't go to bed at a decent time, so I can't get up on time. It's a real problem. 
  • This will be the year that I do yoga on a regular basis. Hopefully daily. I can't touch my toes and I would really like to change that. Isla loves yoga, so Santa brought her a yoga mat just for her. Since she always kicks me off of mine... I'm thinking this is something fun she and I can do together that has the added benefit of getting me off the couch.
  • Which brings me to - get off the couch more.
  • I bought this ridiculous and amazing lunchbox so I can take my lunch to work and stop eating out so much. Two awesome benefits - it's much healthier plus more money for books. :-)
  • And lastly - put my dang phone down. Seriously. Just put it down. 

Also here are some fun things I found on my favorite blogs this week:

  • This cute idea to help with something most of us struggle with - too much time spent on our devices.
  • 11 books to curl up with this winter, from my fave, Modern Mrs. Darcy. Especially apt for me, since it's supposed to snow tonight! (I live in an area that gets snow MAYBE once a year. And that's a hard maybe.)
  • I love this post about creating an art space for your kids. I've said I need to do this for ever - I should probably make it happen before Isla outgrows it. 
  • Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) is writing a new children's book and it looks so cute! I haven't read her Charlie books, but I think she is so funny and I can't wait for this new book.
  • Book Riot rounded up 20 reading challenges, if that's your thing. Some of them sound super intriguing, but I'm not sure if it's my thing or not. I'm such a mood reader...
  • I made muffins (from a box...) last weekend and tried Janssen's parchment paper trick and they looked so fancy!! It definitely made them taste better. 
  • I really enjoyed this post from Cait at Paper Fury about books she said she wasn't going to read, but read them anyway
  • I also made this White Chicken Chili from Gimme Some Oven and zomg it was delicious.

What about you? What are your ambitions for the year? Or do you choose a word as you focus for the year? Let me know!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bookish Craft: Bunny Slopes

Guys, we did the simplest book craft today to go along with Bunny Slopes. And it was so much fun.

Bunny Slopes is about a bunny who wants to go skiing, but there isn't any snow. So the reader makes snow for the bunny by shaking the book. So I though we would make some snow today.

It was seriously the simplest craft/project/whatever we've ever done. You only need two ingredients - 3 cups of baking soda and 1/2 cup of conditioner (white, so it will be snow colored.)

Then you just mix it up. It's cool, a little bit slippery, smells good, and is really fun to bury My Little Pony figurines in. And it makes a huge mess, but it's easy to clean up.

I think it gets the Isla seal of approval. 

Do you do book related crafts? If so, tell me about them!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Little Reads: Bunny Slopes

Have you guys read Bunny Slopes yet? It's so cute!

A little bunny would really like to go skiing. But there's no snow! So, you create the snow by shaking the book. Then shaking it harder to make more snow.

Until there's too much snow, so you have to tap the top of the book to pack it down.

The reader helps the bunny tackle all sorts of obstacles until he lands (literally) back in his home to have some hot chocolate with his mom. It's a beautifully illustrated, super fun, interactive read perfect for fans of  Mix It UpPress Here, and Don't Push the Button!, which is one of Isla's all time favorites. 

What are your favorite interactive books?