Saturday, March 4, 2017

Big Reads: February Recap

February was a... challenging... reading month for me. It certainly didn't help that I started off the month with what will probably be the best book I read all year.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. You guys. This book. I don't have enough wonderful things to say about it. And it it beloved by many. My Instagram post about it got the most likes and comments I think any of my posts have ever gotten. I checked Guernsey out from the library, but I'll definitely by buying a copy soon so that I can re-read it forever. I loved Juliet and how spunky and smart and funny and quick witted she was. And Dawsey? Easily the best book boyfriend there has ever been. Read this one ASAP.

Big Little Lies was my book club's February pick and I loved it. I hurried to read it before the HBO series started and it was an absolute roller coaster. I did not see the ending coming (who died or who killed them) but I loved all the characters and I'm really enjoying the show as well. Have you read this one? Are you watching the show?

Gods In Alabama was very "meh" for me. This was recommended on the What Should I Read Next? podcast, and while Anne Bogel's recommendations are usually spot on for me, this one was not. I should have known to stay away because I don't really like the "southern fiction" sub genre, but the audio was a daily deal, and well... you know how that goes. I didn't love the accents (too over the top) and I was a little uncomfortable hearing the f word so often from that syrupy sweet southern voice, even though I have no problems with the f word in general (as long as it isn't being said in front of my daughter.) I didn't hate it though. I was surprised by the ending. I really liked Burr. And them love scenes tho... Also, the palmetto bug scene had me looking over my shoulder for rest of the day. My southern peeps know what I'm talking about. Those things are no joke.

I did not like The Girl Before. The further I get away from reading it, the more I dislike it. It was definitely a page turner, but that's where the good stuff ends. This story is told from the perspective of two women who lived in the same house at different points in time. The girl from the past died in the house and the current resident tries to find out why. I'm pretty sure that every single character was insane. That plus the authors use of "I'm like" and "she goes" to describe conversations killed the atmosphere for me.

What Alice Forgot had a very interesting premise. Alice, age 39, falls of her stationary bike, hits her head, and doesn't remember anything from the past ten years. The last thing she remembers is being pregnant with her first child and happily married, but when she wakes up, she has three kids and is in the middle of a divorce. I enjoyed this one. I read it quickly, but of the two Liane Moriarty books I've read now, I would recommend Big Little Lies.

And I also read the Checkmate Duo - This Is War and This Is Love and they were trashy romance novels that I read in a day each. Just to keep it real and you guys don't think I'm above such reading. I'm not and they're a good way to get out of a slump - anything you can power through and keep up reading momentum.

Man, if only I approached fitness the way I do reading...

What did you read in February that I need to add to my TBR for March?

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