Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Library Haul

It's time for another library haul! We signed up at a new library this week, you know... just to up the nerd status even more. Now I have two library cards. Woot!

The state of Georgia has a state wide library, Georgia Pines, but not every county participates (i.e. the county I live in.) So, now I have a Pines library card and a county library card and can check out even more books. I guess I'll have to start sharing my Big Reads library hauls as well as my Little Reads. (You can find those on Instagram if we aren't friends yet - @bigreadslittlereads.)

Here are some favorites we picked up this week between our two libraries:

Sleep Like a Tiger is one I've seen on instagram a few times and it lives up to the hype. Just beautiful. And a truly accurate representation of a kid who claims he's not tired and doesn't need to go to sleep. Plus the bedtime story the parents are going to read the child is The Little Prince.

I've been introducing longer books to Isla beyond the simple picture book. So we've been reading 1-2 chapter books each week, trying to stretch them out over multiple days. After The Little Prince, we read The Story of Diva and Flea. I loved it. So did Isla. It's the story of a little dog named Diva and a big cat named Flea who live in Paris and become friends. There was one part about where Flea goes when he goes and how is Diva supposed to know where he goes when he goes - I almost couldn't get through it, I was laughing so hard. 

The second chapter book we picked up for this week is the first Magic Tree House book, Dinosaurs Before Dark. We're about halfway through this one, and we will definitely be picking up more books from this series. It's just fun.

Ah, The Paper Bag Princess, a feminist anthem for little people. Ha! But only kind of. This story is applicable regardless of gender. Elizabeth is a beautiful princess who lives in a castle and wears beautiful clothes and is to be married to Prince Ronald, until a dragon comes along and burns down the castle, all of her beautiful clothes, and carries off Prince Ronald. Obviously, after going through all of that, Elizabeth looks a hot mess and can't find anything to wear except for a paper bag, but that's not going to stop her from rescuing her prince. She rescues him, he has something smart to say about how she's looking rough, and she basically tells him to kick rocks (as she should - don't be so ungrateful and superficial, Ronald. Dang.) This one is a MUST READ. Might even be a must own.

The Scaredy Squirrel is hilarious. This little squirrel is so afraid of anything bad happening to him, that he never leaves his tree and every day is the same. Until one day, he falls from his tree and discovers that he's not any old squirrel - he's a flying squirrel. His life is forever changed.

You-Hoo Ladybug DEFINITELY wins Isla's favorite this week. It's a simple look and find book about a little ladybug hiding among a bunch of toys. Isla, the three year old, was so much better at finding the ladybug than I was, the twenty eight year old. Don't be fooled, that ladybug hid extremely well.

Do you make a trip to the library a weekly event? What did you pick up this week?


  1. So great that you make a trip to the library every week for your library haul. Isla will always remember it, as I fondly remember my weekly trips with my dad! And then I grew up to be a librarian and to blog about kids books. Http://redcanoereader.com ��

    1. That's so nice! I hope she does always remember it (even if she stresses me out a bit while we're trying to learn library etiquette. Ha!)

      That's awesome that you're a librarian - I wish I had pursued that while getting my education. I got a business degree instead and I'm left wondering, but why?

      I'm so glad we connected on Instagram! I'll definitely be checking out your blog.

  2. I'll look forward to you checking out my blog! And I wish I still had a little one to introduce to the magic of libraries. It's such a special time. ��