Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reading Slumps - Send Help


I have a problem.

I am finding myself in a slump.

A reading slump.

I've read so many great books this year, but this where I am now: I have a TON of unread books on my kindle, at least 10 books checked out from the library, several unread Book of the Month books/other recent book purchases on my nightstand, and 4 or 5 unplayed audiobooks in my audible app.

But nothing is grabbing my attention.

It's stressing me out.

I've been listening to Anna Karenina on audio, and I kind of hate it. It's sooo long (35 hours - I've listened to about 8) and not my taste and I feel like I need to finish it because I've committed. But at the same time, I hate it. All of the characters are horrible. I'm not wild about Maggie Gyllenhaal's narration. And the aristocracy makes me sick.

I started Before We Visit the Goddess, and I liked it, but didn't love it. I think I made a mistake by pausing that one to read Big Little Lies before the show started, because now I kind of don't want to go back to it.

I've also been reading Deep Work because I've heard so many great things about it and I set a goal to read more non-fiction this year. But I think I was just kidding myself. This is not my type of book. I like narrative non-fiction. Not self help.

Here's what it comes down to - I mistakenly added all these books to my currently reading shelf on goodreads and now I feel like I have to finish them. Also, nothing will ever measure up to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Or Harry Potter, which I just finished listening to on audio.

This is so discouraging, guys! What do you do when you're in a reading slump? What book should I read to get out of my slump?


  1. Step one: DITCH ANNA KARENINA. Life is too short and you have read more of it than 99% of the population, probably. Step 2: only post on Goodreads when you are finished with a book! I let me book sit as my current read for a month and then update. Max at Well Done Books talked about this, too and he started doing it this year. Step three: re-read Guernsey! Or, if you need something new, 84 Charing Cross Road is another uplifting epistolary book and super short, it might set you to rights 😀

    1. I might just reread Guernsey! It will be hard to top for fave of the year, I think, and it's only February. :-) I loved it so much! 84 Charing Cross Road is on my TBR too. I'm going to look for it next time I'm at the library. Thanks!

  2. Here's my advice: STOP READING all those books you aren't really interested in...immediately! There are way too many good books out there to mess around with stuff that isn't holding your attention. I used to push myself to finish every book I started (I'm a check the box kind of girl), but it's been so freeing not to do that anymore.
    And, second, create an exclusive Goodreads shelf titled Did Not Finish...then move all those books from your currently reading shelf to it and start over with something you can really sink into (page turners generally work well on getting me back into the swing of things). This way, adding a book to your currently reading shelf won't then make you feel like you have to finish it...because you can always move it to your DNF shelf!
    Best of luck!

    1. Love the DNF shelf idea. It has been implemented and all three books have been moved to it. Now I feel like I can breathe again! :-)

  3. I couldn't get into Before We Visit The Goddess either! Just didn't pull me in. Some books I've enjoyed lately are: Commonwealth by Ann Patchett. The Circle by David Eggers, and The Nix on audiobook. Hope you get out of your slump soon!

    1. Commonwealth and The Circle are both on my TBR. I'm moving them to the top now! Thanks!