Saturday, May 28, 2016

Little Reads: Flora and the Flamingo

Flora and the Flamingo is the first in a three book series about Flora from author/illustrator Molly Idle.  It's a delightful and beautifully illustrated wordless picture book.

Before I picked up Flora and the Flamingo, I didn't really know that wordless picture books were a thing.  After reading it, however, I can definitely see why they ARE a thing.  Wordless picture books are fun and interactive. They're a great way to introduce body language, facial cues, and recognizing emotions to your little ones. They also introduce context clues to help children make inferences about what's happening in the story.  You and your little person can have great conversations about what is happening in the story - and each rereading/retelling can change with new discoveries within the pages.

Flora and the Flamingo especially - it's about a little girl, Flora, and a flamingo she wants to imitate.  At first the flamingo is not having it and isn't very nice to Flora.  But then she sees that she's upset Flora and feels bad about it.  So to make it up to her, they dance and become friends.  And it is beautiful.

Tl;dr - Wordless picture books are great and you should "read" them with your kids.  Especially when they're as beautiful as Flora and the Flamingo.

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