Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Biggest Bookworm Question

... other than what should I read next?

Storage!  The endless quest for enough book storage that also looks beautiful!  This is one way we store our little person's books.  (And it happens to be my favorite corner of the house.)

As you can see, we're a big fan of Disney around here (Hello Doc!  and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!)

This is the Kallax shelving unit with Knipsa baskets from Ikea.  It's a system that has really worked for us because for the most part the books are easy to keep tidy.  Small toys are the issue and tend to look like clutter, but I just shove them in those baskets.  I used to try to keep them organized in the different baskets, you know; play food in one basket, musical instruments in another, legos and blocks in a third.  The legos and blocks tend to stay together, but I've given up on the rest.  Ha.

Anywho, this isn't all of the books in our house, just my favorite area.  We also have a book basket for bedtime books in Isla's bedroom and a couple of books cases for my and my husbands books downstairs - there's just not enough space for all the book.  #bookwormprobs

I've rounded up a few of my favorite kids books storage solutions from around the interwebs below:

Ruby's Gem of a Room over on Apartment Therapy uses picture ledges to store books facing forward so they're easier for kids to see and choose from. This is a super cure room, btw.

This book bin is swoonworthy!  It's a DIY that doesn't look too difficult - and I LOVE the gold dipped legs!  These books are also forward forward... maybe they're on to something...

How freaking cute is the book manger?  And how freaking cute is it that it's called a book manger? This is also a DIY that looks a little more complicated than the one above, but doable.  I love that it's down on kids level and that it has room for extra storage baskets underneath - I'm all about the baskets.

How do you store your kids books?  Do you have any suggestions for me?  Because I'm rapidly running out of room but have no plans to stop buying books anytime soon! 

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