Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Little Reads: Max the Brave

Max the Brave by Ed Vere is a delightful picture book about a brave kitten named Max.  He's very cute - so cute, in fact, that people dress him up with bows, which he hates.  Because he's brave and fearless and he chases mice!

There's just one problem with Max chasing mice... He doesn't know what a mouse looks like.  So he wanders around and asks every animal he comes across if they are a mouse so he can chase them. They aren't, but they point him in the direction of one.  

Things are going well for Max, until he encounters a mouse who says he's a monster and then points him to a monster claiming it's a mouse! 

After a run in with said monster (who isn't super scary, but does accidentally eat him), Max decided he doesn't need to be brave all the time - only when he's chasing monsters (the mouse from earlier.)

Max the Brave has been a favorite since we brought it home from the bookstore.  The illustrations are beautiful, high contrast, and very colorful.  Each page is a different color, when makes the solid black Max stand out well - which is excellent for any children with visual impairments.  It's funny, it's cute, and was instantly adored.

What books were immediate favorites with your kids?  (Or with you when you were a kid?)

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