Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book of the Month Club - August

It's the best day of the month!

 Book of the Month Club unboxing day!

I chose three books this month because they all sounded so good! How it works is you pay $16.99 a month for your first book, then each additional book you add to your box (up to 2) is only $9.99. Ten bucks for a new hardback? Sign me up! Each book comes with a little card that has a excerpt from the judge who chose it printed on it. Here's what I chose for my August box:

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. I probably wouldn't have picked this one up on my own but Judge Nina Sankovitch made it sound so good!

The ultimate noir fairy tale...if you fell for Beauty and the Beast (and who didn't?) you will fall for this very offbeat pair.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch has been on my radar for a while, so when I saw it as an option this month, it was my first choice! I'm not sure where I first heard about it, but Sophie from Main Street and Maple recently reviewed it and it shot to the top of my TBR. I was *this close* to buying it from Barnes & Noble. Then I was *this close* to ordering it from Amazon, but something told me to wait to see what this month's books were from BOTM, so I waited. And I was rewarded. Judge Maris Kreizman says,

The author doesn't just build a world: he builds a whole multiverse, with a very singular love story at its core.

Siracusa by Delia Ephron sounded just dark and twisty enough that I needed to fit it in before the end of summer. (But I live in Georgia - summer lasts until November here.) Judge Kim Hubbard says,

The fun...is trying to predict what deceit could be lurking as the vacationers sun, drink and quarrel on the eastern coast of Sicily.

So that's what I got. Three new books to try to fit into my jam packed reading schedule. That's not a complaint! It's always better to have too many books to read than not enough. 

The box also comes with a bookmark and a surprise goodie. Last month it was a silly straw, that my daughter immediately claimed for herself. I didn't even get to use it once! :-( I don't think I'll have to share this months surprise though:

A wine coozie! How cute is that!

Book of the Month Club is, hands down, the best subscription box I have ever purchased. I anxiously await the first of every month when they announce this months selections, and then I check my tracking number several times a day to see when it will arrive. It's just plain fun to be this excited about reading.

Are you a member? Do you subscribe to any other boxes?

P.S. Book of the Month Club has no idea who I am. There are no referral links above. I just really like this service and though I would share it with you. Happy reading!

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