Monday, August 15, 2016

Little Reads: Elephant & Piggie

What is there to say about Elephant & Piggie that hasn't already been said? My daughter loves these books. They are definite repeat reads at bedtime at our house. They're simple, funny, and clever. They're also somewhere between picture book and early reader, making them great for many ages. 

We Are In A Book was our first foray into Elephant & Piggie, and what a wonderful place to start. This is the story of Elephant & Piggie discovering that they are, in fact, in a book. They have fun with this by making the reader read a silly word out loud. And just when it's Gerald's turn to make the reader say something silly, he discovers that the book will end - and soon! He, of course, is distraught, borderline inconsolable, but Piggie has a solution. The book can always be read again. After we read this one, I knew we had to add more to out library.

Enter Can I Play Too? It's a wonderful little book about sharing and helping your friends join in even if things may be challenging at first. Gerald and Piggie decide to play catch one day, when their friend, Snake, wants to join in. Well, it's a little hard for a snake to play catch when he doesn't have any arms. Pick this one up to see the hilarious solution they come up with. I also learned that Piggie is a girl in this book... I had no idea. I just assumed they were both boys.

Have you read any Elephant and Piggie books? Which ones are your favorite?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which may help support our book buying habit in order to bring your more reviews and recommendations.

P.S. Look out for that famous Mo Willems pigeon. He's hiding in each of these books.

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