Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Big Reads: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Last week when I was reading The Assistants, I forgot it at work one day. I'm usually a one book at a time person, but come bedtime, I needed something to read. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn won.

I picked this up from the library and as you can tell, it is a very well worn copy. It's so worn, it was almost fluid in my hands, which I absolutely loved.

Just like I loved this book. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is a hard book to talk about because the plot summary boils down to "It's about a poor family trying to survive in Brooklyn at the turn of the century." Doesn't sound too interesting. Plus not much happens. But at the same time everything happens. Most of it is sad, but hopeful at the same time.

Clearly I don't have much to say about A Tree Grows In Brooklyn except read it, if you haven't already. It's beautiful and bittersweet and definitely one to be savored.


  1. Great summary of this book, which is hard to do! I try to reread this every couple years because it is just *that* good. Glad you enjoy it too!

    1. I will DEFINITELY be rereading this at some point. Just beautiful. :-)