Monday, October 10, 2016

Little Reads: Bloom

Tell them there's no such thing as an ordinary girl.

Bloom is no ordinary fairy. Oh, sure, she has magic and has built an entire crystal kingdom, but she also stomps around with enormously heavy footsteps, has muddy feet, dirt in her teeth, and bugs in her wings. The people of this beautiful kingdom Bloom created soon grew tired of her being so messy and heavy and loud, so they parted ways.

As one might expect, a crystal kingdom isn't so sturdy, and soon enough the kingdom is being held together by duct tape. The king decides to seek out Bloom and have her fix the kingdom.

He's not successful. He's not very nice about it, either.

So his wife, the queen, decides to try her hand.

She's not successful, either. Also, unsurprisingly, not very nice.

The king and queen decide that Bloom just doesn't respond well to royalty, so they send the most ordinary girl in the entire castle. Genevieve.

Bloom shows Genevieve that she's not ordinary - she's extraordinary - and sends her on her way back to save the kingdom.

Bloom is an empowering story about recognizing your own worth and realizing that none of us are ordinary; we're all extraordinary. The illustrations are just beautiful and the message is timeless. Definitely pick this one up to read with your little (or big) people.

Have you read Bloom? What empowering books have you read lately?

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