Monday, January 16, 2017

Little Reads: Good Morning, Good Night Yoga

Yoga for kids is all the rage these days. These books especially. We checked Good Night Yoga out from the library a couple of times, and Isla loved it. So for Christmas this year, Santa brought her a yoga mat and these two awesome books.

Good Morning Yoga is a newer release that came out last March as a companion to Good Night Yoga. The book is filled with a very simple, text light story, that follows a simple yoga sequence. 

The illustrations are adorable. 

Quintessential downward dog pose. I love the addition of an actual dog.

With each pose, there is a short mantra about breathing and the pose you're doing.

Good Night Yoga was the original that came out in 2015. (I was surprised to see it's been out that long.)

Darling front end papers.

This is Isla's favorite pose. She can hit a tree pose like no one's business.

These books make cute, short, stories to read alone if you need a quick bedtime story, and of course, they're great for their primary inended purpose - getting kids doing yoga. Focusing on their breathing, practicing mindfulness. Every home and classroom would benefit from the use of these books. We have so much fun doing yoga together and these books are a wonderful, kid-friendly introduction.

Have you and your kids read these? What did you think?

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