Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Edit no. 2

This week completely got away from me. Work was C-R-A-Z-Y. So I was entirely too exhausted to anything else this week - like blog. But I did read a couple of books. One of them being All the Ugly and Wonderful Things and it just made me uncomfortable. I have more thoughts, but right now, that's at the forefront.

The other big reason this week went so quickly is - tomorrow is Isla's birthday party! She's a Christmas baby (literally) so we have her birthday party a couple of weeks later. She's very excited. So am I. Bet you can't guess what those presents are in the pic. (Psst - they're books. :-))

Well. back to party prep. Here are my favorite links this week:

  • I love Kate and her Eyeshadow School. Definitely tuning in to this.
  • I'm forwarding this over to my husband ASAP so he knows what his summer project it. PIPE SHELVING FOR EVERYONE!!
  • Favorite books of the year posts are so fun, and I loved this one from Born and Read in Chicago. I read only two of her favorites, but those two were wonderful. (Dark Matter and Salt to the Sea, in case you were wondering.)
  • These enchiladas look amazing. I'll be adding them to my meal plan one week very soon.
  • I literally cannot stop listening to Bruno Mars's new album, 24k Magic. Have you heard it? Give it a listen and it'll be on repeat for at least a month. I guarantee it.
I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I'll be back to my regularly scheduled posting next week with some great little reads that encourage movement and focus. And a special birthday recap. ;-)

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