Monday, September 12, 2016

Big Reads: The Assistants

What a fun read that left me wondering, why can't this happen to me?

Tina Fontana is a college grad working as an executive assistant to basically the biggest big wig in new media. And she's not exactly happy about it. She's overworked, underpaid, and drowning in student loan debt, so when the opportunity arises to her to erase her debt with what her boss would pay for a tie clip, she takes it (with some hesitation, but not much.) Of course, she doesn't exactly get away with it, and soon women are approaching her from all over wanting in on the scheme. This leads her to create "The Assistance," a non-profit organization that chooses women via lottery to pay off their student loans. The story follows true chick lit format where everything spirals out of control and then works out perfectly in the end. Even the romance part.

The Assistants was a fun, quick read. Definitely worth checking out for something light-hearted. And seriously - why can't this happen to me?

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