Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Library Haul

New week - new library haul! It's a small haul this week because one of the libraries we visit only allows you to check out five item from the children's section at a time, which, personally I think is a crime, but I don't make the rules.

We made the most of those limited choices count though. Here's what we got:

I've seen Douglas, You Need Glasses making the rounds on Instagram and there's a good reason for it's popularity. This book is hilarious. Douglas gets into all sorts of trouble because he can't see properly, so his owner, Nancy, takes him to the Optician to get glasses. He chooses some pretty snazzy ones.

Good Night Yoga is a little advanced for my three year old, but it's a good intro to yoga. And even if your kiddo is a little young to focus and go through the poses, it's a nice, short, calm bedtime story too.

Louise Loves Art might be my favorite of the bunch. Louise is quite the artist and finally creates her masterpiece, but when she's not looking, her brother, Art, cuts it up. Instead of getting angry with him, she hangs his new masterpiece on the Gallery du Fridge. She's a good big sister.

The Ella Bella Ballerina books are beautiful! We added The Nutcracker one to our collection around Christmas, and will definitely be adding more. Starting with Cinderella. Ella Bella is a young ballerina in Madame Rosa's ballet class. When she gets to class one day to change, she finds that she is missing a shoe. This reminds Madame Rosa of Cinderella, so they dance to the Cinderella ballet music and she tells them the story of Cinderella. Ella Bella finds herself alone on stage after class has ended and begins to play the music again, which transports her to the Cinderella story.

Swan Lake is much the same. The children dance to the music from Swan Lake while Madame Rosa tells them the story. Ella Bella finds herself alone on stage after class, plays the music again, and is transported to the Swan Lake ballet. The illustrations are just beautiful and they are a wonderful introduction to these stories.

And here's what I got. I think I've completely thrown out my September TBR, by the way. There are just too many books to choose from. What did you pick up from the library this week?

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