Monday, October 3, 2016

Little Reads: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is the story of a little mouse learning to accept herself. And it's a classic for good reason.

When Chrysanthemum is born, her parents try to find the most perfect name for the most perfect little baby mouse. and they decide upon Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum loves her name and thinks it's very special.

Until she starts school and other kids are named things like Bill and Eve and Sue and they make fun of Chrysanthemum for having such a long and flowery name. 

This upsets her greatly and her parents do special things for her after school to make her feel better (like her favorite chocolate cake for dessert and lots of hugs and kisses.) I especially enjoy all the "big" words her dad uses when describing the not-so-nice kids in Chrysanthemum's class.

Eventually Chrysanthemum's class has a visit from their music teacher, who quickly shows just how special the name Chrysanthemum is.

I loved this book. It rings especially true in our house because my daughter's name is "unusual." I didn't know this until none of the nurses at her doctor's office could pronounce it... Her name is Isla. Pronounced like island without the -nd.

We have picture books about hearing loss and hearing aids, and now books about names, since these are the issues we face. Do you turn to picture books to help your children learn about differences/troubles they may deal with? If so, which ones?

Check back tomorrow for a fun craft tie-in with this wonderful picture book.  :-)

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